This is how we work

We believe in the great value of good business relations and high standards of customer service. We stand for effective project communication. We work according to the Agile and Scrum methodologies, the software development process is supported by our own Model Driven Engineering approach developed over the years. The highest value for us, which determines the success of a project, is the business result in terms of both profits, savings and time to market.

We are a partner of internationally recognized vendors of leading technologies. Thanks to our successful and satisfied customers, we are a partner of:

Many years of cooperation with large companies have made us provide services at the highest level. We understand how large organisations work. We work closely with business users to optimise and automate as many of their activities as possible.
We are experts in:

Models of cooperation

Time & material

Presupposes billing clients for actual work scope based on hourly rates. Transparent hourly rates allow the customer to manage tasks, deadlines and budget to get the visible result of the work at each stage to receive a solution that meets expectations.

Dedicated team

The client and the service provider mutually agree on the workload and the project requirements for a period of time. Also, development company provides the IT professionals that suit the client’s anticipated demands and requirements. The customer gets predictable and defined budget control over the team which is focused only on a particular project.

Fixed price

The Fixed price cooperation model performs best if you have clear requirements with determined deadlines and a limited budget for software development.