Comprehensive API Management will allow your organization to enjoy the benefits of using Application Programming Interfaces.With our API Management Platform your technology architecture is strengthened and business processes are accelerated.

The API Management platform serves not only application and API programmers, but also business architects and operational teams. It ensures better flow and security of information.


Early adopters of API have the best chance to accelerate business development and create a competitive advantage.

APIs have an increasing role in applications integration, constituting a continuation of processes initiated by the SOA approach and supporting integration at the borders of the organization.

Most of currently created applications are already designed with a ready-to-use APIs.

Organizational APIs require high, automated level of management, analytics and supervision over personal rights issues.

Find out, how it will work for your organization


Information layer

This layer contains data that is being collected in the organization and its architecture. It defines data management, delivery, modeling, quality and security.

Integration layer

This is the space where ESB or EAI solutions occur and where IT architects and developers work hard to build services exposing current application functionalities and data. Understanding their mutual dependencies, you can quickly integrate everything through API.

API Management Platform Inteca | Control, analyse and monetize your API ecosystem

Application layer

It brings together applications that drive the entire organization – both old and modern. It is not always possible to replace the old one with new ones, so it is worth to ensure the efficient work of all systems to strengthen the business – both legacy and modern.

Interaction layer

This is where applications and services used by customers, partners and employees interact with business. The core of this layer is the API gateway, which provides secure and well-defined access and and measures the use of data relevant to your business.


Our solution architecture is modular with separate traffic control and management layers. It allows you to handle even tens of millions of API calls per day. The platform has all the tools available that will help you with implementing strategy and increasing innovation.

api management platform helps business to scale, rule and secure apis, with metrics and developer tools
API Management Platform includes developers portal for better api consumption and usage

Developer's portal

Your API will only succeed if you care for positive programming experience. Regardless of whether the API is public, private or internal, the developer’s time is valuable. The perfect way to establish good cooperation with programmers is to put everything they need at their fingertips.

With API Management Platform you get a modern CMS portal to manage API developers’ interactions. To further increase its attractiveness, think about including code examples, case studies, instructions for starters and other useful information to be found in the API documentation.

Interactive documentation

API documentation should be user-friendly, interactive and transparent. In our Platform, developers will be able to view APIs live, straight from the documentation pages. They will learn, play, test and debug each element of the API. Documentation is supported with and rendered directly from the portal.

Dokumentuj swoje API z łatwością dzięki API Management Platform
Monetyzuj swoje API, zarabiaj na danych otwartych i łącz swoje usługi dl;a lepszych doswiadczeń użytkowników

API Monetization

The Platform makes it easier to reap the benefits of sharing data resources through simple integration with popular payment options. Define application plans for different segments of your development community and automatically charge for excess traffic. You can offer free to premium access or provide several levels of paid account access for various developer’s demands.

API Monetization: How to build pricing plans?

Volume or usage

Way of defining plans, that is based on layers of volume or use. You can use the pricing model based on the global number of API calls. Determine, how to allow calls to continue after reaching the limit for a given subscription.


With this model, you can determine that customers pay more to access advanced functions or predefined data sets with a higher value.

Resources usage

This plan may include the share of infrastructure costs generated by customers. Limit number of users, bandwidth consumption, availability of technical support or terms of the license agreement and monetize this factors.

Access controls

This ensures that only calls with valid and authenticated credentials are able to access your API. You can also classify different types of users and provide various levels of access. Traffic limits allow you to manage and control your flow.

The API Management Platform offers:

Authentication patterns

API keys and management of credentials

Speed limits

Access control

Zarządzaj dostępem do API, zabezpiecz swoje dane i udostępniaj dane premium
Analyse your APIs with portal built in your API management

Traffic analytics

The Platform allows you to view and report traffic around your APIs: monitor their use, number of operations or workflows in related systems and track any data. You can share the analytical tool with teams in your organization and track different elements for each application or account, such as:

Total traffic volume: calls, transactions, participants

The use of processor and other internal resources

The amount of data transfer count in MB or GB sent to or from the API

The number of data objects or records returned in a single connection

The API Management Platform helps to solve problems of modern enterprises related to It allows rapid creation of modern APIs and their complex management.

If you want to introduce the API Management Platform in your organization, send me a message – together we will match technology with business priorities.