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WebMethods is an industry-leading Integration & API Management platform that offers a wide range of capabilities to enable organizations to deliver innovative digital transformation initiatives faster. Platform runs in the cloud, on premises, or in hybrid or multi-cloud environments. With webMethods you can easily integrate your on-premises applications and SaaS applications, deploy and manage APIs and manage B2B partner transactions all with an integrated offering. The top analyst firms consistently recognize Software AG as a Leader in integration, API management and B2B.

Habte Woldu, CEO Inteca, about WebMethods

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WebMethods Integration Server

Integration holds the key to accelerating innovation. But for many, data still exists in a siloed blend of on-premises systems and disconnected cloud applications. With webMethods Integration Server, you have the power to connect anything faster, thanks to open, standards-based integration. Make custom, packaged and mainframe applications and databases—on-premises and in the cloud—interoperable and assure the fluid flow of data across your automated processes. Mapping and transformation functions are built in.

Why webMethods Integration Server?

Easy scalability
Software AG’s open integration platform is easily scalable, ready to integrate your on-premises applications to SaaS applications and proven by leading enterprises. Analysts consistently recognize Software AG for integration capabilities.

300+ connectors
Connectors by the dozen let you plug applications into webMethods Integration Server—no coding required! These connectors “speak” Salesforce.com®, SAP, Oracle®, J2EE®, .NET® and most other leading technologies.

Faster integrations
Go to market faster! Gain the agility to respond to new opportunities and customer demands at lightning speed with webMethods Integration Server. Roll out new capabilities faster with an agile microservices-backed architecture.

“Lift & shift” integrations
“Lift & shift” is a cloud adoption strategy that gets you to the cloud fast! It’s easy to “lift & shift” your webMethods integrations to the cloud. Get faster time-to-value with no additional hardware costs or installations.

Mapping and transformation
To integrate your unique applications, you need to map and wire the data elements for each respective application’s format. Use library of transformation services and a graphical mapping UI to tie your data formats together.

iPaaS integrations in the cloud
Quickly integrate applications in the cloud with integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS). Non-technical business people can take the lead with integrations, giving IT more time to focus on more complex challenges.

WebMethods API Management Platform

End-to-end lifecycle management is the foundation for rapid, secure delivery of high-quality APIs. With the webMethods API Acceleration Platform, you can free your data to deliver innovative digital products and services that are self-service, personalized and automated.

webMethods API Acceleration Platform includes all the API management capabilities you need to go-to-market faster. Fused with application and network integration, the platform helps you connect everything from app to edge.

Why webMethods API Management Platform?

Control API security
Protect APIs, data and microservices with authentication and access control. Set thresholds and limits to control API usage.

Get microservices
Group and manage microservices just like you would with business apps. Reuse and govern them to take control and avoid chaos.

Monetize your data
Monitor who’s using your APIs and microservices with increased transparency. Measure what’s being consumed to directly or indirectly impact revenue.

Attract developers
Create a storefront for your APIs with an API portal. Grow your developer ecosystem and build a community around your APIs.

Catalog APIs
Manage the full API lifecycle across your entire API landscape. Catalog and govern all assets, from services to APIs, to understand the impact of change.

Monitor API usage
Avoid overspending on APIs. Measure what’s being consumed and set thresholds with usage limits to control costs and tightly manage your budget.

WebMethods BPMS

For organizations that want to increase productivity by improving business process management, a superior Business Process Management System (BPMS) is a must.

With the right BPMS, you can eliminate manual process steps to reduce error rates, and accelerate processes while driving down costs. By delivering greater insight through real-time process analytics and dashboards, a superior BPMS can help you identify bottlenecks and prevent issues downstream. And by helping you adjust processes quickly in light of changes in the business environment, a solid BPMS can help transform your organization with greater agility.

When seeking the right BPMS for your organization, consider the webMethods Business Process Management Suite from Software AG—a leading BPMS solution for enterprises worldwide.

With webMethods BPMS you can:

Increase efficiency by automatically executing and orchestrating all the steps of a process, including those that must be performed by people or systems

Enhance transparency by monitoring performance throughout process execution and taking action based on information gleaned from real-time analytics and dashboards

Resolve issues quickly by rerouting work to other locations, adding temporary resources and creating triage processes

Improve quality by simplifying processes, avoiding manual errors and empowering employees to follow standardized, optimized processes that can drive down expenses

Manage change with greater agility, flexible business rules and the ability to make the process changes more quickly

Our webMethods team

Inteca is an IT company providing software development services for medium and large businesses. For over 10 years of work we have successfully implemented more than 150 webMethods projects working with more than 30 customers from all over the world. Our company is a dedicated team that goes above and beyond to deliver high quality for our clients.

Models of cooperation


Presupposes billing clients for actual work scope based on hourly rates. Transparent hourly rates allow the customer to manage tasks, deadlines and budget to get the visible result of the work at each stage to receive a solution that meets expectations.


The client and the service provider mutually agree on the workload and the project requirements for a period of time. Also, development company provides the IT professionals that suit the client’s anticipated demands and requirements. The customer gets predictable and defined budget control over the team which is focused only on a particular project.


The Fixed price cooperation model performs best if you have clear requirements with determined deadlines and a limited budget for software development.

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